the ampersand project

who are you when there’s no audience?

We believe great performers aren’t made on the stage, they’re built in the studio.
Not because they lose themselves in a part, but because they’ve found who they are as a person.
The Ampersand Project’s goal is to help you TAP into your best self, onstage and off.
Are you ready to say yes (…and)?


Whether in a crash course, skills workshop, or master class with a visiting artist, dive into fast-paced, high-level performance training promoting positive, holistic, and joyful growth from wherever you’re at. What don’t you know yet? What do you want to learn? What do you want to improve? Come to us or we’ll come to you – workshops are varied & customizable!

private coaching

Private coaching sessions are a chance to work more intensively on your specific needs – from audition pieces to college prep, strengthening a new skill set, or taking on a challenging role – tailored to YOUR learning style & goals. Collaborate with a mentor who will truly invest in your success & serve as a knowledgeable resource for your future in the arts!


Learn from and with students from all over, with the unique opportunity to celebrate & appreciate the talents of like-minded peers and form lasting personal and professional relationships. You’ll have access to constantly updating resources & join a community of passionate young artists & professionals to share skills, support, and artistic opportunities alike!

a few of our guiding principles:

🌎 we > me

⚡️ verb > noun

💥 doing > thinking

💕 celebrate > intimidate

🤘 strong & wrong

🎯 yes, and

what our students say:

get in touch

we’d love to hear from you! join our email list below to get the latest info on upcoming workshops, auditions, and special events. if you’re ready to start, use the button below to schedule a consultation or coaching directly! to contact director kate sheridan, please follow the email button below.
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