…what is a coaching, though?

happy new year, TAP-pers! as we’re getting ready for some awesome kickoff events to start our #2020VISION off right, a question that has come up a lot when discussing TAP offerings is… what the heck is a coaching?

when i explain, inevitably, someone will say “ohhhh… that’s cool…. but you should call it a lesson.” there’s a few reasons i don’t (now in the “train with tap” section of the website):

one: there’s no set lesson plan. coachings are student-led, based on what YOU want to work on – i/all of our affiliated artists will have the expertise to start you from the healthy basics, but everyone is starting from a different place. coaching is about setting GOALS and making plans to achieve them, step by step.

two: they’re interdisiciplinary! being a well-rounded performer is essential, so even if you only want “acting lessons”, there better be some voice and movement training in there – your whole body has to act, doesn’t it? similarly, it’s no help working an audition piece to death if we’re not also asking how to approach an audition healthfully, discussing your nerves and how to curb them, and preparing for how to deal with the inevitable rejections and difficulties that come along with success in this industry.

three: i am your partner. teacher, in some ways, feels like it implies bestowing a bunch of knowledge onto an empty vessel – which, even if you’ve never set foot on a stage, as a human being, you are not. coaching should be a collaborative process, in which i and/or whatever wonderful affiliated artist you work with bond, create a common goal, and continuously adjust according to YOUR needs, not a curriculum. no one exists in a vacuum, and all of our coaches firmly believe that working with students helps to improve THEIR skills as much as it helps improve YOUR skills. brady & belichick, ya know? (#sportsball)

i hope this helps clarify what i consider the difference to be between a lesson and a coaching – regardless, we’re here to help you hone your skills, walk into every audition room confident & ready to make bold choices, and appreciate and contribute to your theatrical community with each experience. that’s good stuff no matter what you call it 🙂 remember, ANY first-time student can schedule a FREE half-hour consultation/coaching (a $25 value) just by clicking this link – skype, facetime, or in person, i’d love to meet you and help you make some goals for the new year!

❤ kate

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