about tap

The Ampersand Project was founded in 2019 with the mission to provide young artists with opportunities to expand and develop their theatrical skills sets & personal creative process through advanced, collaborative, and personalized coaching, coursework, and creation of new work. In addition to the work of our inaugural senior cohort (a devising ensemble of 10 students from 8 towns and 6 schools across MA), TAP seeks to offer:

  • Crash-course workshops on everything from navigating the audition process to all-abilities introductions to improv, devising, Theatre of the Oppressed & more – available in various locations around MA & the greater New England area as well as at your school/organization
  • Access to master classes and mentorship opportunities with guest artists working professionally in theatre, TV & film, dance & more; in disciplines ranging from stage combat to Shakespeare, on-camera acting, musical theatre, development of solo performance and more
  • A current and constantly-growing database of resources, including play scripts, local performances (many discounted!) & audition opportunities, and educational materials
working with the finalists for the metg’s inaugural jimmy awards qualifier
  • Individual coaching sessions tailored to the goals of each student
tap senior ensemble members working on monologues in the studio
  • A nurturing, engaging, and holistically-minded community that prioritizes growth of the whole person/artist, supports diverse and meaningful exploration of disciplines, and celebrates the collective achievements of the theatre community at large (within their peer group, school, state, and beyond) as an important and essential part of a changing world

tap is an evolving entity, centered on the needs of the students it serves and seeking to constantly work in collaboration with the communities it interacts with and impacts.

we understand & appreciate that the opportunity to work in the arts is a privilege, but maintain that access to and agency over art-making should be consciously, unquestionably equitable.

we seek to make the most of these opportunities while being actively mindful of the ways in which our work can positively impact others.

for more information on founder & director kate sheridan, please visit her website at: www.hellokatesheridan.com

or reach out via email at: hellokatesheridan@gmail.com

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