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let’s make something great together.

psst… all first time students receive a half hour coaching/consultation FOR FREE! book below in person or via skype/facetime!

  • COLLEGE CRASH COURSE (2hrs, $75): a perfect place to start for any junior/rising senior looking for help on how the heck to approach the whole college thing – we’ll cover ba vs. bfa programs, resume & headshot help, selecting audition material, what programs are looking for, and more importantly, what YOU should be looking for in a program – whether or not you continue with coachings after this, we’ll give you a leg up and a solid to-do list to tackle the gigantic task of college level-theatre!
  • PRIVATE COACHING (1/2 hour, $25; 1 hr, $45): whether you’re looking to improve a skill set (acting, voice, dance, improv, writing, etc), prepare for an audition, or get in some extra practice/assistance for a role, private lessons in person or via skype/facetime are customized to YOUR needs and wants, designed to get results fast & expand your own personal cheering section!
  • SHARED COACHING (1/2 hour, $35; 1 hr, $55): great for siblings, scene partners, neighbors or just friends, work on the same sort of skills as in a private coaching (with the same customization!) with a built in support system and accountability buddy; helpful for budgets & nerves alike!
  • BUY TEN, SAVE 10%: 10 half hour lessons = $225, 10 hour lessons = $425. must be used within 1 year 🙂

a note: TAP is committed to equitable access to high quality theatrical training & experiences, regardless of your financial circumstances. all lessons, workshops, and offerings are priced on a sliding scale and financial aid is available. please contact kate at for inquiries- if you’re committed to growing, we’re committing to helping you grow.

(but i don’t get it… what’s a coaching?)

fair question! basically, it’s a lesson. but i like to call it a coaching for several reasons.

one: there’s no set lesson plan. coachings are student-led, based on what YOU want to work on – i/all of our affiliated artists will have the expertise to start you from the healthy basics, but everyone is starting from a different place. coaching is about setting GOALS and making plans to achieve them, step by step.

two: they’re interdisiciplinary! being a well-rounded performer is essential, so even if you only want “acting lessons”, there better be some voice and movement training in there – your whole body has to act, doesn’t it? similarly, it’s no help working an audition piece to death if we’re not also asking how to approach an audition healthfully, discussing your nerves and how to curb them, and preparing for how to deal with the inevitable rejections and difficulties that come along with success in this industry.

three: i am your partner. teacher, in some ways, feels like it implies bestowing a bunch of knowledge onto an empty vessel – which, even if you’ve never set foot on a stage, as a human being, you are not. coaching should be a collaborative process, in which i and/or whatever wonderful affiliated artist you work with bond, create a common goal, and continuously adjust according to YOUR needs, not a curriculum. no one exists in a vacuum, and all of our coaches firmly believe that working with students helps to improve THEIR skills as much as it helps improve YOUR skills. brady & belichick, ya know? (#sportsball)

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